David Rosberg
Photographer, Videographer, Producer

I love photographing people.  Nothing makes me happier than to stand in front of someone with a camera and create an image that reveals to the world their own unique charm and beauty.  In a commercial setting, images of people tell an essential story, convey a mood or feeling, reflect an attitude about a product, a process, a person.  Whether it's a headshot that conveys confident competence, a portrait that reveals layers of depth and dignity, or a lifestyle photo that reinforces core principles and behaviors, each image punctuates the story for the client in a way words cannot. 

Visual storytelling has been a passion since I started working in television production many years ago. Working in-house, I produced video and still photograph content exclusively for DISH Network in Englewood, Colorado.  My photos have been published in NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Reuters, Hollywood Reporter, trade magazines, et. al., as well as appearing in the user interface menus of the award-winning Hopper receiver. Over the years I created headshots & portraits, lifestyle, product, and event photography. I also produced, directed and shot live and prerecorded in-studio and on-location video, leading all aspects of content creation, from concept and writing to production planning, lighting, shooting, directing talent, leading crews, postproduction, including design and development of motion graphics. The video & still content I produced is used in training, product, marketing, recruiting, PR, and corporate communications.

The Big R in the logo is lifted from my grandfather's signature on his naturalization document from 1943.  Grandpa was 19 years old when he emigrated from Norway in 1913.  Thirty years later, his naturalization as a US citizen represented a new beginning.  For me, Rosberg Media represents a new beginning as well.  After many years working in-house for larger companies, I embark on a journey to discover a new world of possibilities.
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